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List Of YouTube Networks best partnership youtube networks

  1. I decided to post a thread of all networks i know in youtube and compile information how to get partnered, requirements and overall benefits of the networks. I try to update this frequently as possible, but i won't be including every subnetwork inside the thread since they usually offer same stuff as main network

    Few things i need to clear for beginners though

    • No Lock-in = Means that contract doesn't have time period. You can leave when you want from the network, but due to Google's own rules you have to wait 30 days till you are unpartnered, this is that all networks have obey, so don't blame network for googles rules please.
    • CPM (Cost Per Mille) = means how much you get paid for ever 1,000 views what affects in CPM's value is usually three things which are 1) How long is the video 2) How long did the user watch the video 3) What country is the watcher from? Usually West Europe, North America, Australia and Japan pay the biggest money, while as countries like Indonesia, Phillipines and African region pay really low numbers.

    Zoomin.tv Review
    Zoomin.tv is one the largest networks out there along with Creative nation and Freedom. Based in netherlands these guys also own a major TV station there so they have lot better ad revenue due to ad sales teams they have in their company. They also do accept all types of channels incase you are uploading shadier content or copyrighted material

    • Revenue Share: 80%
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal, bank transfer, Payza and Western Union
    • Requirements: 300 Subscribers or 9000 monthly views
    • Contract Length: 3 Month Trial & Followed by a 1 year contract
    • Channel Types: Everything
    • Perks: Epidemic Sound, Epoxy & Referral Program
    • Partner Now: http://dashboard.zoomin.tv


    Freedom is largest network based on YouTube currently for having lot of smaller channels inside and few really big ones. They also have quite a lot sub networks and other stuff too. They have one of the most vast range of different sponsorships out there, also you can get partnership to hitbox.tv if you are partner with freedom.

    Freedom network owner used to be working on broadbandTV (TGN etc.) which did lot of unethical stuff say the least. George vanous has lot of shadyness/controversy around him, but that hasn't reflected too much on running the network itself. People have been paid in time, unpartnered on time etc. 

    • Revenue Share: Default is 60%, if you have 1000 daily views you can get 70% and it can rise up to 95%, requirements are pretty high though for increases compared to rest of networks. 
    • CPM GradeB -
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal and no payment threshold
    • Requirements: 1000 views in last 30 days (33 per day), but may sometimes let you in long as no copyrighted content
    • Contract Length: No Lock-in
    • Channel Types: All types
    • Perks: Audio Library, Hitbox.tv Partnership for everyone, Product Sponsorships, Collab System, Guides/Tools in custom dashboard, referral program and more..
    • Partner Nowhttps://www.freedom.tm

    Maker Gen Review
    This network has gone by different names in the past called RPM, Paramaker, TGS, but now is mostly called Maker Gen which is a network owned by Disney as of 2015. Terms of budget and overall size of partners and staff they are in top 5 right now. They are a big brand with lot of big names under them, once you hit really big these guys can help you out a lot by providing different types of sponsorship services.

    • Revenue Share: 70%
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 25$ and Check
    • Requirements: Very low view requirements & no copyrighted content
    • Contract Length: Seems to be 1 year
    • Channel Types: All types
    • Perks: Epidemic Sound, AudioMicro, Epoxy, Spreadshirt & Dedicated Support team
    • Partner Now: http://r.mker.tv/g1gNhU

    iFree Network Review
    Polish based YouTube Network which seems to be rather new. The great part about this network is the fact that you can request payments, which means you are able to get paid for example 5 times a month if you wish, long as you have balance in the account. It will take up to 5 days to get a payment so its rather fast process if you are a channel that needs money really fast. Top of this they have a referral program and Youtube certified team who “allegedly” will help you with channel optimization. Use code “6NRS2” at signup.

    • Revenue Share: 70%
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 5$ & Bank Transfer
    • Requirements: Low
    • Contract Length: No-lock in
    • Channel Types: All Types
    • Perks: Fast payments & Channel consultation
    • Partner Now: http://panel.ifree.zone

    Yeah1 Network Review
    The Largest Asian based YouTube Network in the world. Having support in multiple different languages like Vietnamese & English. They have lot of partners and they use Bent pixels dashboard for analytics, which is rather decent i have to say. They claim fast payments, but so far haven’t figured out what the NET is exactly.

    • Revenue Share: 70%
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & Bank Transfer
    • Requirements: Seems very low
    • Contract Length: N/A
    • Channel Types: All Types
    • Perks: Epoxy, Brand Deals & AudioMicro Music Library
    • Partner Now: http://join.yeah1.net

    MediaCube Review
    A Russian based network (Service in multiple languages however & they partner channels all over the world) that seems to be using lot of same services and dashboard along with Scalelab (However their base revenue share is higher). They say on their website that they offer consultation and protection services for their partners. Dashboard language can be changed into multiple languages whatever its Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese or German.

    • Revenue Share: 80%
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal, Dwolla, Qiwi Wallet, Yandex Money, Payoneer and ePayments
    • Requirements: None apparently
    • Contract Length: No-lock in
    • Channel Types: All types
    • Perks: Epidemic Sound, AudioMicro, Epoxy, Video Claimer, Outromaker, Spreadshirt & VidIQ Pro
    • Partner Now: http://my.mediacube.network


    AdRev Review
    While their contract may not be strongest on earth they have no requirements literally to get inside their network, they also provide audiomicro music library for their partners have good claiming system if you need Content ID certain videos (Some rules apply). Very good for TE and other botting

    • Revenue Share: 55%
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & Payoneer
    • Requirements: None
    • Contract Length: 3 years ?
    • Channel Types: Everything i suppose
    • Perks: Copyright Support, Referral Program, AudioMicro Music Library
    • Partner Now: http://talent.adrev.net

  2. [​IMG]
    Union for Gamers is one of the newer networks, owned by the great marketing behemoth Curse. Contracts were created by notorious Athenewins, one of the first networks to offers no-lock in and high revenue shares in the YouTube market. Also they have personal AD sales team, which means generally higher CPM than in networks that don't have sales team. Although they only accept Gaming Channels in the network.

    Curse has very good reputation and there is not lot of bad things to say about them, they are not really a proactive network when it comes to channel promotion, but its more like financial partnership, with good benefits.

    • Revenue Share: 90%
    • CPM GradeA
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal and 1$
    • Requirements: 8000 views in last 30 days or 4000 views in last 30 days if you have 1000 subscribers
    • Contract Length: No Lock-in
    • Channel Types: Gaming Only
    • Perks: Great Support & Referral Program
    • Partner Nowhttp://www.unionforgamers.com


    Pongalo Review
    Network that is under Bent pixels also seems to be a Spanish telenova broadcaster or something like that, but there is of course English support as well. Rather decent dashboard with lot of guides and ways to improve your channel, support also integrated to dashboard – which makes it faster process to get all info you need.


    A Russian Network with probably all the biggest Russian channels inside their network probably, they also have great deal of non-russian channels too. They own multiple sub-networks too.


    I hate to generalize, but always be very careful when it comes to dealings with russians. QuizGroup has lot of problems going with them. First of all their payments randomly change each month you never know when you are really getting paid, but once treshold is met they will pay you. They have also decency to accept scam channels inside their network, they don't do any type of copyright checks so all type of scam channels are getting inside too. The funny thing is that they usually pay your channel even tho its terminated or you get copyright strike. Also i want to clear that Referral program really isn't 10% its only 2% of partners earnings, which is bit scam way of promotion things.

    • Revenue Share: 80%
    • CPM GradeB
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: Web Money and Bank Transfer, there doesn't seem to be payment thresholds
    • Requirements: 1000 views in last 30 days + 10 Subscribers
    • Contract Length: 2 year contract
    • Channel Types: All Types
    • Perks: Audio Library + Referral Program
    • Partner Nowhttp://join.quizgroup.com


    One of the largest networks out there having lot of million subscriber channels inside their network and they are powerhouse to reckon with. While it might be bit hard to get in, ive heard great things about them though. Haven't been inside yet their network so my information at the moment is more limited.

    There has been some talks about Fullscreen not giving a shit about their partners and not answering support messages (The usual). Aside from that i haven't read people not getting paid or something like that.

    • Revenue Share: 70% & 80%
    • CPM Grade: A-
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 25$
    • Requirements: No idea, bit higher than most of the networks in this list
    • Contract Length: 2 years
    • Channel Types: All Types
    • Perks: Heard they have sponsorship opportunities
    • Partner Nowhttps://fullscreenmedia.co/creators/?ref=kvhANEPzpmWOp3Yz_BKf6w


    TGN Review
    This is a former network that owner of Freedom (George Vanous) used to run before he left. By far one of the worst deals you can sign on right now, they may have a great dashboard with tagging program called ViSO, but these guys give you abysmal CPM and little to no benefits when you are giving almost half of your % to them for doing absolutely nothing. There is reason why this network is bottom of the list, because i really don’t see it being better than the rest right now on their current form. (Scam/Fake Channel Friendly however)

    • Revenue Share: 60%
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & No Treshold
    • Requirements: None it seems
    • Contract Length: 2 years?
    • Channel Types: Gaming Focused
    • Perks: They offer Viso Catalyst Dashboard, which has tag optimizer
    • Partner Nowhttp://bbtv.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=26&aff_id=818

    Routenote Review 
    If you are artist that is pushing music out there i recommend checking Routenote out since they allow you to publish your music via Spotify, iTunes and many other services for free just taking a small cut from your earnings. Their YouTube Partnership takes 15% of your cut, which is pretty good deal i say, if you are musician this is best YouTube network you can apply for if you are only in it for the revenue, however they do not promote the channels or give anything except really a monetary service. Use referral code of 2F741511 and that would help me a lot.

    • Revenue Share: 85%
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal
    • Requirements: No copyright
    • Contract Length: No-lock in
    • Channel Types: Music
    • Perks: Content ID system (Limitations apply)
    • Partner Now: https://routenote.com

  3. member


    Purity Network Review
    Originally started as a Freedom Sub-Network but then grown into their own brand & MCN. They also have expanded to Hitbox and Dailymotion where you can also acquire partnerships, they have rather advanced dashboard with very neat features.

    • Revenue Share: 60-99%
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal
    • Requirements: None for first tier 60% share
    • Contract Length: No-lock in
    • Channel Types: All Types
    • Perks: Referral Program, Epidemic Sound, Ad Sales Team, Tubebuddy & Lot More
    • Partner Nowhttps://creator-dashboard.net/r/Sugicrawler


    ViSO Network Review
    Still don’t quite understand why ViSO is also a brand in the bbtv company, but however there is absolutely no difference between them TGN and BBTV, its the same old shit contract with low revenue shares, long contracts without almost no benefits. Viso catalyst is decent tool, but it most of the time won’t make any significant difference. (Scam/Fake Channel Friendly however)

    • Revenue Share: 60% For Normal ads & 50% of BBTV’s ads
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & 1$ threshold
    • Requirements: None it seems
    • Contract Length: 2 years initial term
    • Channel Types: Everything
    • Perks: They offer Viso Catalyst Dashboard, which has tag optimizer
    • Partner Nowhttp://bbtv.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=24&aff_id=818

    BBTV Review
    While they are similar to TGN and owned by same company they are still different brand and are more focusing on music, comedy and artists type of general rather than gaming, which TGN is more based on. BroadbandTV isn’t probably best option in market, but atleast its still easy to get into. Honestly l don’t recommend this network due to their contract being so lengthy and they are taking all the revenue and not providing anything in return. (Scam/Fake Channel Friendly however)

    • Revenue Share: 60% For Normal ads & 50% of BBTV’s ads
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & No Threshold
    • Requirements: None it seems
    • Contract Length: 2 years initial term
    • Channel Types: Gaming Focused
    • Perks: They offer Viso Catalyst Dashboard, which has tag optimizer
    • Partner Nowhttp://bbtv.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=32&aff_id=818
    Thoughtful Media Review

    Thoughtful media is an US based YouTube Network with lot of venture capital funding behind its back. What i like about them is their scaling revenue share model that increases based on how many monetized views you have. You start with 75% and more you have it can go up with 85%, of course ive heard that bigger channels have received higher revenue shares as well with them. They have live support on their dashboard, where you are also able to view your statistics. While its still rather new network, they are building infrastructure and opportunities to their partners.

    • Revenue Share: 75-85%
    • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & Wire Transfer
    • Requirements: None?
    • Contract Length: 1 year or 2 year with 3 month trial period
    • Channel Types: All types
    • Perks: Referral programBrand deals & Live Support
    • Partner Now: http://dash.thoughtfulmedia.com


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