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compress large video files From 2Gb To 183 Mb best video compressor

How To Compress Large Video Files

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Compress Large Video Files

 How To Compress Large Video Files From 2Gb To 183 Mb Without Losing Quality up to 100% ,compress large video files From 2Gb To 183 Mb ,best video compressor ,video compressor : highly compressed video less than 100 mb Using Format Factory To compress video zize from 2gb To 183 Mb without losing quality.
Compressed (Convert) large Video Files Without Losing Quality by using Format Factory Free Software.
How to compress large video files without losing quality using Format Factory.

Large video files are slow to upload and download.  One of the most popular tools that can significantly shrink the file size without losing quality is Format Factory.  It is popular due to three reasons:

  • It can convert video from nearly any format, e.g. .wmv – Windows Media Video File, .avi – Audio Video Interleave File, .m4v, .mov, etc.
  • It is free and Open Source
  • It works on Windows, Mac and Linux
This tutorial illustrates how to compress a video file for the web on a Windows machine. The sample file I used to compress was called WL-Video.wmv and its original size was 39.0 MB.  After compression the file size was down to 4.40 MB.  The compressed video format is MP4 as it is the most supported video format on the web. Depending on your original video file, following the instructions in the tutorial, the file size may still be reduced if your video file is already MP4 format.

Download and install Handbrake if you do not have it

Download Format Factory at http://www.pcfreetime.com


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