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Free perfume sample Angel Muse,thierry mugler perfume giveaway

 Thierry Mugler distributes 50,000 free samples of perfume Angel Muse. This is a new fragrance for women, launched in 2016, belongs to a group of oriental fragrances gourmet.
Fragrance,Fragrance Angel Muse,fragrance for women

Fragrance Angel Muse gourmet delicacy of perfumes. It is difficult to even find the words for it. Beautiful and a loop a little intrusive at the beginning. The aroma of a gourmet, but not like the other. Absolutely no sweets, cold spicy flavor.

The first thing you hear - chocolate, but not milk, and it is bitter. There is a slight astringency, even bitterness. Cream soften the flavor of nuts, but still this note really pulls. The aroma of chocolates with nut sweet as childhood. Bit is not mine, because I do not like the smell of walnut, but in general can be heard very nice.

By the end of fragrance walnut leaves and remaining cream with light notes of roses.

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